Moroccan Wedding Blankets

I love the tradition behind Moroccan wedding blankets.  The bride-to-be's mother typically begins weaving the blanket when the girl is young, as part of her dowry.  They are woven of undyed wool and cotton, and are often decorated with bands of colorful talismanic symbols and sequins.  These decorative items are said to protect the couple from evil and also to reflect the light from the sun and nighttime fires.
 It's a vanishing art form, and these blankets are getting difficult to find, but if you're interested in purchasing one, visit Beyond Marrakesh. All photos below are a small sampling from their website. Aren't they extraordinary?


Linda said...

These are so gorgeous!!! It just screams Bohemian!! LOL

Barbara...I gave you a Sunshine Award...check it out on my blog...Yours is one of the places I can come to for an uplift and inspiration...Thanks for that :)


Beyond Marrakech said...

Hi Barbara, Thank you so much for this lovely post and the mention of Beyond Marrakech! Unfortunately the link doesn't work anymore, but just in case here is the new link:
Best wishes, Danielle

Barbara said...

Hi Danielle~ Thank you for letting me know about the link! I updated it just now...
All the best,

Ms Jay said...

I love love love these blankets and one day I WILL HAVE ONE! I am putting that out into the universe