Magnolia Pearl

Many of you gypsy girls, I'm sure, have heard of the uber-talented Magnolia Pearl (aka Robin Pearl Brown).  She is the founder and creative spirit behind a business that focuses on bohemian-inspired fashion and home decor.  If I got to choose a "designer" to work some decorative magic on my cottage, it would be this talented lady!  Check her out:  Magnolia Pearl


Walls that Speak

Displaying art is an art unto itself.  I adore my little gypsy cottage, but with all its funky angles and corners, hanging art can be a challenge, so I've sort of avoided it - but, my art needs to come out of the closet!  It takes a good eye and finesse to pull off looks like the ones below.  I'm inspired to get out the hammer this weekend...

 do I love thee?

I've been fighting a losing battle with a tenacious cold virus, and I've been especially grateful for tea these past few days.  Few things comfort like tea, whether you're sick or not.  From a cup of spicy chai to a perky green to the soothing herbals like chamomile, it's all good.  My favorite place to buy tea is Teavana   If you're fortunate enough to live near one of their retail stores, by all means's a treat for the senses.  If not, you can rest assured if you order online that you will not be disappointed.  You can also purchase tea accessories like brew pots and beautiful collectible tea sets like the ones pictured below.  Think I'll go brew a cup right's to good health!  xx

Plum Crazy

It's no secret that I love color.  Rich, deep, saturated, glorious color.  Though my favorite is burgundy, lately I've been a tad obsessed with plum.  My bedroom windows are draped in sari fabric and burgundy velvet curtains, and I've been thinking a plum accent wall would be fabulous.  Add some candle wall sconces, and voila - instant romance!  Might be getting out the paintbrushes soon...

comfort food

January.  In my part of the world, it's the coldest month of the year, when my thoughts turn to warm comfort food!  I love one-pot meals. Tonight I'm going to make this delicious West African inspired chicken peanut stew...with a side of crusty bread and a nice spinach salad, I think I'll be a happy girl!  Find the recipe ~here~

What are your favorite winter comfort foods??
Happy New Year everyone!