LaLa! Shoes for women and babies

Just fell in love with these handmade house shoes from the talented Daria at LaLa! Shoes on Etsy.  Made from fine materials like linen and wool felt, she custom makes each pair according to your measurements for a perfect fit.  And the baby shoes!  I know what I'm buying for my grandchildren (when they come...).   :)

Parisian Gypsy

I was looking through some of my photos from my last trip to Paris, and I came across this one of an interesting woman that I took near Montmartre.  We chatted briefly, and she called herself the "bohémien se promenant", or the wandering gypsy.  I miss Paris!

Downton Abbey ~ Lady Mary

It had to happen eventually:  a Downton Abbey post.  I've been avoiding writing about this television series because, well, everyone else has been, and I can't add anything new.  But honestly, I'm in mourning!   The Fabulous Boyfriend and I both adore this show, and having just finished the season 2 finale, we must now wait impatiently until the next season begins.  So, I'll sprinkle in a post here and there about my favorite bits of the show.
Aside from the fantastic screenplay and wonderful acting, I've been swooning over the clothes.  This is my favorite era for fashion, and the costume designer just nailed it.  I'm most drawn to the outfits worn by Lady Mary; they've given her a darker aesthetic with rich colors and liberal amounts of black.  I could happily dress like this every day.

How about you?  Have you seen the series yet?  If not, you're in for a real treat.  If you have, what are some of your favorite things about the show?
oh, the hats!

this burgundy outfit was one of my favorites

Anista Designs

I adore beautiful paper and stationery, so I was delighted to come across Anista Designs on Etsy.   If you're looking for vintage-inspired wedding invitations, gift tags, notecards, or party favors, you should check them out!

floral wedges

While shopping today, my mind was on SPRING.  I couldn't pass up these adorable shoes from Rampage.  Wedges work for me - they're the only way my battered dancer's feet can wear heels. These were not so high that my over-40 self would look ridiculous, and sleek enough to wear to the office.  I like the modern/vintage vibe.
Are you a "wedge" girl?

 Wrap your feet in flowers....