A Netflix for....books??

Just stumbled across this fantastic service for all you bibliophiles out there...it's called Book Swim.  Set up to work like Netflix, Book Swim delivers books to your door, you keep them as long as you want, and return them in a postage paid envelope.  Flat monthly fee.  Plans start as low as $9.95/month.  I'm loving this idea!  Visit the link ~here~

Gypsy high fashion?

Looks like fashion designers are loving gypsies this season.  Check out Alexandre Herchovitch's fall/winter collection ~here~

Michal Negrin

Israel seems to have more than their fair share of talented designers, and Michal Negrin is no exception.  Her creations are beautifully detailed and romantic, and her website is a lot of fun.  She offers jewelry (natch), clothing, and accessories.  Check her out:  ~Michal Negrin~

she's got The Look

Though I am decidedly unfashionable, I still love fashion. These are the latest ensembles that caught my eye from Polyvore.com..........

books and chai by the fire

I really like this unpretentious book. Elizabeth gives us an interesting history into the bohemian culture and highlights some great interiors by some famous (and infamous) bohemians.
Sigh. I love this book. The Paris Apartment has many luscious photos of gorgeous interiors, but best of all, Claudia shows us how to create that romantic, chic French look in our homes on a *budget*. She gives tips on how to scour flea markets and put it all together. Fabulous.
Bohemian Manifesto is a fun, quirky look at the modern bohemian culture. It details different bohemian "types" (I'm a blend of Nouveau and Gypsy...big surprise!), and extols the lifestyles of each. Great illustrations throughout. Neat Christmas gift for any boho friend.

Blog love affair

...I'm in love with my new blog design. Can't stop looking at it! Love the colors, the feeling, everything about it. It was created by the super-talented Sharon at Plumrose Lane. Click the link on the upper right hand corner of my blog and check her out!


Well, now that my website is up and comfortably running, I decided to give Etsy a whirl. For those of you that don't know, Etsy is a site created as a marketplace for handcrafted and/or vintage items. Soooo much talent - wow! So, I now have a humble little shop there, and I'm excited to create, create, create. My Etsy banner and avatar was created by a VERY talented graphic artist, Dale at Sea Dream Studio. Check her out! http://www.etsy.com/shop/SeaDreamStudio/

And my shop... http://www.etsy.com/shop/GypsyHouseDesigns/

Love and Peace!