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It's been a busy week with little sleep, and I'm looking forward to some down time.  All I want to do is curl up with a great book, drink copious amounts of coffee and tea, and let my mind wander. I could make myself right at home in any of these rooms. 
How about you?  Any favorites?
  All images from this collection at Pintrest.

5 Senses Tour (#4)

This post, part of the 5 Senses Tour hosted by Bohemian Twilight, has a theme - hot & spicy.  I'm just in one of those moods. ;-)

To me, few things in life are better than chipotle peppers.  Try this amazing recipe...
Caramelized Chipotle Chicken
...and this wine to accompany it.  One of the best affordably priced wines I've had in a long time.
A Reliable Wife, by Robert Goolrick, is a darkly passionate novel that I couldn't put down.
Wearing Dinner by Bobo.  Marina says it all in this review.
 Hot & Spicy eyes, courtesy of Joaquin Phoenix (ah, that hypnotic Scorpio gaze).  I miss him on the big screen.

The Ballerina Project

Some of you may have already heard about the talented photographer, Dane Shitagi, and his body of work The Ballerina Project.  If not, you're in for a treat.  Using traditional film equipment (not digital), he captures dancers in cityscapes, mostly Boston and New York City. His work is available for sale here.

A Few Good Finds

Need some affordable gift ideas?  Click on the images to purchase or learn more...
For the fragrance lover:
This is a wonderful line of botanical, organic perfumes.
 An Eco d'Lux set containing six .25 gram samples of handmade, pure botanical perfume extrait in each vial. This six pack includes:

LYRA: A rich amber floral, very feminine
AURORA: Spicy floral notes, very feminine
Q: The Oak Perfume, green & woody notes woven with resin
VERA: Ode to Lavender
SIERRA: The vertical Eden of conifers
TANGENT: Incense themed perfume with sweet wood and herb
 For the tea lover:
The Bodum Tea Press.
Just got one for myself over the's great!
And don't forget a mug cozy to keep that tea hot...
I love Cayenne Peppy Bags.  Their tagline: Handbags & Purses for the happy bohemian
 Can't go to Paris for this holidays this year?  Then bring it to you...
frame one of these beautiful photos...
...and wrap it up with a pretty gift tag (these would also look great tied on your tree as ornaments!)

Shabby Chic?

I'm very late to the Shabby Chic party.  During its heyday in the 90s, Rachel Ashwell's style failed to move me.  Looking at her rooms, I thought, "Where's the color?  The pattern? The funk?".  It just seemed so sedate and...well...girly.  Not my taste at all. 
Or so I thought.
Fast forward to the present, and I'm seeing shabby chic sneak its way into my home.  It started in the bedroom, where I was looking for the perfect wall color.  I fell in love (unexpectedly) with Benjamin Moore's "Boudoir" - the perfect vintage pink.  I wasn't even entertaining pink as an option; it looked beige on the card.  But when I put it on my walls...magic.  I loved it.

So, off went the earth toned bedspread and on went the white puffy comforter, lace at the windows, and white paint on the trim.  Burgundy - the color I can't live without - had to stay.  Fortunately, my burgundy velvet curtains and accessories fit in perfectly, and gave the room that shot of rich color that I need.

While the downstairs living area is still dressed in earth tones, I revel in my fresh new bedroom.  Now my earthy bohemian side and my romantic girly side both have places to live.

Even Mikko gives it a thumbs up...
Below is some inspiration from Rachell Ashwell's website.
What do you think?  Yay or nay?

Happy Thanksgiving

Hope you're all having a great day eating too much food, taking long naps, and spending time with loved ones!