The 5 Senses Tour (post #2)

My second post as part of Bohemian Twilight's 5 Senses Tour!  Click the image below to visit the other participating blogger's posts, or to join us!

Really digging this chair. Problem is, so would my cats!

Just discovered Florence & the Machine.  Wow.

Drinking this ginger tea recipe...mmm.

Just bought some pashmina scarves. Wearing them feels like a big hug. I'm obsessed.

One of my favorite movies.  I am Vivienne!


Monica said...

omg, laughing about that chair with cats. eek

yum to ginger tea.

a fave movie/book of mine as well.
have you read 'like water for chocolate'?

Barbara said...

Hi Monica! No, I haven't read that yet, but it's on my list. Did you like it?

Hausfrau said...

Nice post! I have long been a huge "Chocolat" fan, as well. Love that chair. Oh, and I got to see Florence + the Machine last summer in concert with U2!

Barbara said...

Hi, Hausfrau! That must have been an amazing concert - I love U2 also! I'm heading over to your post...

nofixedstars said...

we really must be long-lost sisters...everything you post about is something that speaks to me as well, & our tastes seem so similar!

Linda said...

Love the chair, Pashmina scarfs and the movie...I will definitely try the ginger tea!!! Sounds delicious!! Off to listen to the music!!! Great blog Sistah! Love this tour...:)

Her Speak said...

That chair is DIVINE! My kitties would chew it to bits as well. :) Love the senses tour--thank you for sharing!

Much Joy~*

Barbara said...

Nofixedstars ~ that's one of the things I love most about blogging..meeting other soul sisters!

Linda and Her Speak ~ thank you so much for stopping by!!