spring soup recipes

As is typical in New Hampshire, just when you think spring is finally here, cool weather returns, so I'm thinking about making soup.  Here are a couple of great recipes I'd like to try - not too heavy, perfect for spring.
Click on the photos for complete recipes.

Creamy Asparagus Soup ~ Simply Recipes

...and Curried Potato and Vegetable Soup ~ Simply Recipes

LA BOHÈME - Juliette Greco

I first heard this song in a Paris cafe, and hearing it takes me right back to that moment...it's perfect with Sunday morning coffee.
For the English translation, visit this link.

Poires Belle Hélène

One of my favorite blogs, Fabulously French, has a delightful french food post every Friday.  While going through some of her older posts, I discovered this delicious recipe.  I had this dessert in France years ago, and they're heavenly...not to mention very sensuous to look at!  I just make these this weekend for The Fabulous Boyfriend.  ;-)

The House of Boucheron

Founded in 1858, the House of Boucheron is a luxury French jewelry line.  I've always drooled over their exquisite designs - below are some favorites.  
They also have a very good perfume line (Trouble is wonderful - click here to read my review).

Burn the Floor

Anyone else remember when the Burn The Floor phenomenon began in 2000?  I bought the original DVD (still available on Amazon - click here to purchase) and became...well...obsessed!  I saw them live, too, and that was a treat.  Visit their website for tour dates here.
This is a clip from the finale.  Just a little something to heat up your Saturday night...

Mixed Media Journals ~ Lovely Fever

I really like these journals made by the talented Jessica at Lovely Fever on Etsy.  While I haven't journaled in a long time, owning one of these would inspire me!

Baryshnikov ~ Don Quixote

I love how he performs this variation!

Joscho Stephan Trio - Playing Minor Swing

Django Reinhardt's Minor Swing is one of my favorite jazz pieces.  I've heard a lot of great versions, but this one is amazing!