Don't you just love a great mug?  One that feels just right in your hand, is chunky and solid, and hopefully looks really cool, too?  I'm always on a quest to find the "next great mug".  Naturally, it has to be handmade!  Here are some I found on Etsy that I've put on my wish list (hint, hint!)...
This beauty speaks to my Earth Girl.  And how can you not love that cork??  Handmade by Appleware Pottery and for sale at their Etsy shop.  Want.  Now.
Wow.  Just wow.  I love everything about this mug!  Super creative design, fabulous colors!  Sigh.  Handmade by Creativewithclay and for sale at their Etsy shop.  If you buy it before I do, please promise to love it always. :-)
So charming!  The original, handpainted design on this sweet mug just makes me smile.  Available by Jim and Gina at their Etsy shop
These colors are gorrrrrrrrrrrgeous, and I love the shape of these beauties, too.  Available by onewintrynight at their Etsy shop
Cheers!  ~Barbara

Bella & Luna

~Bella enjoying the sunshine last weekend~

~Luna wondering when dinner will be served~  ;-)

my latest creations...

Had a fun, creative afternoon making some new jewelry.  "Lady Clare" is the first in a series of necklaces based on John William Waterhouse's art, and the earrings feature gorgeous tensha beads in iridescent colors.  Available for sale on my website.  Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Classic Divsion Winners - SwingDiego 2007

Just love these West Coast Swing dancers! Enjoy...

Flowers at the Table

After our long winters, few things lift the spirits like flowers!  While elaborate arrangements have their place, I have always thought that flowers look more striking when they are allowed to shine individually.  Here are some simple centerpieces that I find charming...

Tiny Cottage...

I live in a small cottage (about 1100 sq ft), but I dream of scaling down even more into a *tiny* cottage someday.  Yes, I'm a nester in the extreme.  While I love big, grand spaces to visit, when I arrive home, I want to be embraced by intimacy.  Smaller than most people's garages, I just think these "mini-homes" are so charming!

Dragonflies & Roses

I'm craving warm weather so mind is in the garden!  Just finished a pretty little necklace that transports me to a warm summer day (available for sale on my website).  Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!

Cherry Blossoms & Japan

I've always adored cherry blossoms...they speak of ethereal beauty and the promise of something magical.  They are also the beloved flower of Japan, and my heart is heavy for the people of that beautiful country as they endure horrific hardship right now.  So, here is my small tribute to Japan, and with it my prayers for its people...

Gypsy Kiss

Presenting Amy Danielson of Gypsy Kiss.  She designs beautiful hair accessories, jewelry, and bindis for gypsy girls.  Her site even has belly dancing and costuming tutorials.  Check her out:  Gypsy Kiss  In her own words: 
I design unusual hair ornaments in a
wide scope of styles – from fairy
luminescent and light, to earthy
and primitive. I’m a tribal fusion belly
dance and vaudeville-style
performer and instructor, a poet, a
dreamer, a singer, and a wannabe
fiddle player. I like long, swirly skirts,
peacock feathers, and I collect stones.

Vintage Weekend

I had a lot of fun this weekend creating some new vintage style earrings for my that the weather is slowly thawing out, my creative juices are returning. :)  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  Ophelia's Adornments