Sometimes, a post needs no description....just enjoy. :-)
(This is one of the pieces Johnny plays in the movie Chocolat - Minor Swing by Django Reinhardt).

Lipstick Gypsy

Ok, gypsy girls, here's another fabulous find!  Lipstick Gypsy is a very talented and creative jewelry artist whose designs rock my world.  Check her out on Etsy or on her Blog

Romantic Bathrooms

It's going to snow tomorrow - again!  It's been a rough winter here in New England, and my cold muscles crave a long soak in a beautiful bathtub.  Naturally, it would have to be a claw foot tub!  While I love both looks, my favorite is the black one in the second photo (and that sink!  the chandelier!).  Which do you prefer?  Light or dark?

Moonlight Photography

Presenting the work of Moonlight Photography!  Her images are so lovely and mystical.  To view more or purchase, visit her Etsy shop:  Moonlight Photography

Swing Kids - The Lady in Red

This is for all the swingin' hepcats and dames out there...a clip from one of my favorite movies, Swing Kids. I love to lindy!!!!!!!!

Faerie Wedding

I love creative theme weddings.  I love faeries.  The combination is ultra-magical and fun!  The images below were from a wedding designed by Tricia Fountaine and photographed by Elizabeth Messina.  Romantic and dreamy!  Happy Valentine's Day, everyone...


Ok, so it's been quite a while since I've been able to really sink my teeth into a novel (Mary, Queen of Scotland and the Isles by Margaret George was a tough act to follow).  That is, until Sepulchre came along.  It has all of the elements I love in a novel - history, thrills, art, romance, mystery, the supernatural - and is set in one of my favorite places:  France.  Ms. Mosse's writing is lush and her pacing excellent.  Below is a synopsis from Fantastic Fiction...

An elderly priest brutally murdered. The body of a young man floating in the River Aude. A nervous woman sitting in a damask-draped room. A smiling man in the shadows. Four different people, scattered across France, scattered across the ages. The only link, the painted tarot cards they hold... SEPULCHRE is a spellbinding adventure that carries us back from the present day in the French spa-town of Rennes-les-Bains, first to the 19th century, and then further back into the stories of the ancient kings buried there with their treasure. For those who stumble upon the cards, unravelling the mystery of the painted deck will take them on a treacherous journey of forbidden knowledge, the power of the church and the pull of the occult. A tale of strange music, personal ruin, murderous greed and age-old secrets - prepare yourself to turn over the cards... 

Spring Woodland Faerie Necklace

In honor of spring (it is coming, isn't it?), I'd like to offer a special incentive for the person who would like to give my Woodland Faerie necklace a new home...purchase this charming sprite and receive a free gift!  All decked out in spring green and earthy brown, she's ready to take a walk in an enchanted woodland with you!  Here's the link:  faerie necklace

Le Theatre - Boston Opera House

The theatre has been a part of my life since I was a little girl.  I studied ballet for many years, and would always look forward to those magical nights when I could attend a professional performance.  I was fortunate enough to grow up near Boston, a city that appreciates and indulges the arts, and their theatres are ornate and elaborate in the European tradition.  The Boston Opera House was recently renovated and is now the home of the Boston Ballet.  It is my favorite theatre; so lush and beautiful, I never want to leave...

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

I'm in lust with animal prints (faux, naturally), so imagine my glee when I stumbled upon an online shop/blog devoted exclusively to all things animal print!  My favorite is leopard - I have scarves, throw pillows, shirts, a jacket, even an umbrella in leopard.  Check out the leopard print CAR below (how fun would that be?).  If you love a walk in the jungle like I do, you must check them out:  Animal Print Essentials

Calgon, take me away...

Suffering from the winter blues?  I know I am!  Thought we could all use a tropical pick-me-up - here's to umbrella drinks and sunshine!

Velvet Underground

Velvet is one of my favorite materials - soft, sensuous, and luxurious.  While I love it in jackets and scarves, nothing feels more wonderful than curling up on a velvet sofa or chair.  After yet (another!) winter storm, I find myself wanting to surround myself with its magic...