Shabby Chic?

I'm very late to the Shabby Chic party.  During its heyday in the 90s, Rachel Ashwell's style failed to move me.  Looking at her rooms, I thought, "Where's the color?  The pattern? The funk?".  It just seemed so sedate and...well...girly.  Not my taste at all. 
Or so I thought.
Fast forward to the present, and I'm seeing shabby chic sneak its way into my home.  It started in the bedroom, where I was looking for the perfect wall color.  I fell in love (unexpectedly) with Benjamin Moore's "Boudoir" - the perfect vintage pink.  I wasn't even entertaining pink as an option; it looked beige on the card.  But when I put it on my walls...magic.  I loved it.

So, off went the earth toned bedspread and on went the white puffy comforter, lace at the windows, and white paint on the trim.  Burgundy - the color I can't live without - had to stay.  Fortunately, my burgundy velvet curtains and accessories fit in perfectly, and gave the room that shot of rich color that I need.

While the downstairs living area is still dressed in earth tones, I revel in my fresh new bedroom.  Now my earthy bohemian side and my romantic girly side both have places to live.

Even Mikko gives it a thumbs up...
Below is some inspiration from Rachell Ashwell's website.
What do you think?  Yay or nay?


My Grama's Soul said...

Hi Barbara.....I have always loved the shabby chic look...but I have never been able to pull it off. I love every single one of the pics you have shared with us....but my bohemian side simply doesn't let me do it.

I do think I'm a little skitzo LOL LOL actually.

I am able to sneak in a ruffle or two occasionally but I seem never to be able to take the total leap.



Barbara said...

Hi Jo! I totally get what you're saying...I could never do my entire house in this look. The living areas and bedroom in my cottage look like two different people live there - and "we" do!

nofixedstars said...

yes, it's pretty---but too pastel for me. i think it works better in summer...but it can make for a very tranquil space, maybe a guest bedroom?

Barbara said...

Agreed - a perfect look for a guest room. They're too pastel for me, too, which is why I jazzed up my room with shots of color. :)