Family ~ old photos

I adore my family.  Every one of them.  We love each other, respect each other's boundaries, and know that we can call anyone during trouble and they'd be there in a heartbeat.  We're all weird in our own little ways, but that's part of the fun.  I'm a fortunate girl!
Here are a few "blast from the past" photos from my mom's side...
My elegant grandmother.  Here she's in her early 20s (1942?).  Love the peeptoes!  She's 93 and still going strong (so is grandpa!).
Here she is at her high school graduation, 1935. Her mother, a seamstress, made that gorgeous dress.
Two of my aunts and uncle. I'm on the right (age 14).  Circa 1980.
1976?  I'm the dorky kid looking up at my mom.

My mom on a ship en route to Copenhagen in 1949 (my grandfather worked at the American Embassy there)...
...and her high school portrait 1965.  The hair!
Will do dad's side in another post...scanners are so cool, aren't they?


Monica said...

this must be so nice for you to have these to look at. and she was a stunner!

Barbara said...

Thanks, Monica...she's just as sweet as she is lovely, too.