books and chai by the fire

I really like this unpretentious book. Elizabeth gives us an interesting history into the bohemian culture and highlights some great interiors by some famous (and infamous) bohemians.
Sigh. I love this book. The Paris Apartment has many luscious photos of gorgeous interiors, but best of all, Claudia shows us how to create that romantic, chic French look in our homes on a *budget*. She gives tips on how to scour flea markets and put it all together. Fabulous.
Bohemian Manifesto is a fun, quirky look at the modern bohemian culture. It details different bohemian "types" (I'm a blend of Nouveau and Gypsy...big surprise!), and extols the lifestyles of each. Great illustrations throughout. Neat Christmas gift for any boho friend.


Anonymous said...

a lot of people are surprised to learn i have neither. i think as a gift the latter would be fun, but wouldn't spend cash on it.

i do like the idea of the first one... eye candy is always good for one.

enjoy the chai... i'm having ginger and cinnamon today.

Barbara said...

Mmm ginger and cinnamon - lovely! You've inspired me to make some.

And yes, eye candy is always a good thing...


Sarah said...

Oh yes... the Bohemian Manifesto is a great read. So is her Bombshell Manual of Style.

Barbara said...

Hi Sarah! I haven't read "Bombshell" yet...will seek it out!