Childhood Memories ~ Tasha Tudor

My passion for books began at a very young age.  My mother said I would follow her around the house with an armful of books as soon as I could walk, begging her to read to me (and she did - tirelessly!).  My favorite stories featured animals and had beautiful illustrations, and I especially adored the work of fellow New Englander, Tasha Tudor.  Her gentle world never failed to soothe my soul.  She also inspired my love of corgis; I've had two (very much missed!) of the little darlings.  She was an interesting woman, choosing to live a simple, often solitary life in the country with her beloved animals and gardens.  Though Tasha is no longer with us, her spirit will always live on in my heart.  Thank you, Tasha!

Which children's books or authors still hold a place in your heart?


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