Steve Tyler takes Oprah on a tour of Lake Sunapee

Steve Tyler is this area's local celebrity.  He grew up here, met Joe Perry here, and one of the first things you're told when you move here is that "you might see Steve and Liv once in a while".   I did meet him briefly a couple of times, and he was down to earth and friendly, quick to laugh.  I worked with Joe Perry's mom for a while, and she loved to wear her Aerosmith leather jacket everywhere.  At first I thought she was just a hip older lady into rock music, until someone informed me of the connection.  Duh.
 Anyway, I came across this clip of Steve and Oprah touring around the lake (just a few minutes from my house), and thought you might get a kick out of it.  Love the car.

Steven Tyler's Tour of Lake


MJ said...

I didn't realize you are in Sunapee Barbara! I LOVE Sunapee!! My best friend lives in Warner and we have skiied at Sunapee several times. We have also stayed in a house right on Lake Sunapee and it was one of our favorite spots ever. We always talk about going back in the summer one day since we always have gone in the winter when the town was pretty quiet. Anyway, love where you live!!

Barbara said...

Wow, what a small world!! You definitely should visit in the summer (and the fall is glorious). Give me a shout when you're in the area if you like - it would be fun to meet! :)

Anonymous said...

Ummm...WOW!! Always a fan of Steven Tyler and I gotta say this clip made my day!!
It's such a gorgeous little town - how cool for you to live there!!
thanks for sharing!

Linda said...

Wow I didn't know you lived right in NH...I am in Alfred Maine right over the border...Liv's mom has a place up in Falmouth from what I understand...Gotta love New England...LOL :)