Enchanted Doll ~ Marina Bychkova

I was so impressed with these beautiful dolls that I had to share them with you.  Created by Marina Bychkova, the exquisite detail and magic she infuses into each creation is extraordinary.  Visit the website here.


Unknown said...

utterly mesmerising.
i'm not a dolls person, but friggin heck i would buy one if i were. such detail, so life-like.

Barbara said...

Oh, me too...I'm not a doll person, either, but these are works of art.

Nadine said...

Lol me three. I have never been a big doll person. These are absolutely beautiful though. The detail, how delicate and mysterious... The expression of the first doll makes me feel like she sees more than others and has many secrets... What a great find. Thank you for sharing with us.

Linda said...

Wow!! These are unreal!! I am in love with that first one...very magical looking...The detail on these dolls are amazing... and the colors!!! Thanks for sharing Barbara!!


Fashion-isha said...

the details on these dolls are magnificent! I love all embellished things so this was a delight!

My Grama's Soul said...

These, my friend, are exquisite!!


Bohemian said...

Amazing... what an Artistic Genius!

Dawn... The Bohemian