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Living in central New Hampshire has its perks:  mountains, lakes, fall foliage, wildlife everywhere, quiet living (though the winters could be shorter!).   The ocean and Boston (where I grew up) are an easy day trip.  It's a special place.
Today I wanted to share with you some random photos I've taken over the years...they are all within 20 minutes or less of my home.
What do you love about your little piece of the world?
Lake Massasecum...I love this spot

Lake Massasecum

my bee balm did really well that year!  that's the kitchen of my little cottage in the background :)

sunset from atop Mt. Kearsarge - my favorite local hike

Lake Sunapee

New London

New London

New London

Newbury Harbor - Lake Sunapee

around the corner from my house is this beautiful stream...

houses on my street during an especially snowy winter....

I love the star window (see it?) in the peak of my neighbor's house!


Angela Reeves said...

Great pics Barbara, thanks for sharing! I had to smile when seeing them since I grew up in the New Hampshire lakes region, lol. Most of my family is still there and I go back a few times every year to visit :-)

Linda said...

Many familiar places Barbara... When Steve & I had the motorcycle many of them were a regular on our trips...NH was a favorite route...much more friendlier state for motorcyclists than Maine I am sorry to say...Enjoyed them all even the snow...:) that little brook near your place is wonderful...there is nothing like new England...

Barbara said...

Angela ~ it truly is a small world!

Linda ~ you're so right! New England is a very special place in the world.

Jessica said...

I have never really seen pictures of New Hampshire before :) That little bookstore is so cute and I just love those gorgeous red flowers.

My Grama's Soul said...

Oh Barbara.....where you live is simply beauiful.. Never been to New Hampshire....but the east coast is on "our bucket list."



Connie said...

Hello Barbara, I must say that your neck of the woods . . . on this little planet of ours is quite sensational. What a lovely place to live. Enjoy each day, Connie :)

k said...

love the photos...i've never been to new hampshire, and only in the past few years have visited new england! i want to explore more of new england one of these days.

i live in oakland and what i love about my neighborhood is the old rose garden and the big, hilly cemetery. if you go near the top of the cemetery you can see all of downtown oakland, san francisco and the bay. it's a beautiful view and we have picnics there sometimes :)

Barbara said...

K, it sounds lovely where you are, too! An old rose garden and cemetary with a view?? Be still my heart!