Make Mine Matcha

So, the fabulous boyfriend and I went to Teavana this weekend and got introduced to their matcha.  Gotta say, I'm hooked.

Matcha is a high grade green tea which has been dried and crushed into a fine powder.  The Japanese use it exclusively in their tea ceremonies.  You prepare it by putting a small amount in a bowl, adding hot water, and "whisking" it (Teavana carries a nice bamboo whisk) until frothy.  It has a nutty, almost sweet flavor, with very little of the bitterness you usually find in brewed green tea.  Just one cup has the equivalent of TEN cups of brewed green tea's antioxidants.  But the real hook is that it's just plain good. Here's the link:  matcha tea


Monica @ bohemian twilight said...

i'm always envious when someone mentions they get to visit teavana. as a tea lover and a health conscious person, this one sounds wonderful.

Barbara said...

Monica - Teavana is such a wonderful experience. Their staff is always great and very knowledgeable. I've always had good luck ordering on their website, too, so that's an option. Hope you get to visit them sometime!