Pretty in Pink - bedroom makeover

The winds of change are blowing in at my cottage.  A self-professed "earth-tone girl", my home is primarily in shades of beige, burgundy, sage green, black, etc.  While I'll never completely abandon that palette, I've been craving a girly bedroom know, not a five-year-old's room, but a vintage inspired, soft look with some sophistication.  I've decided on a palette of pink (Benjamin Moore's "Boudoir"), taupe, white, and a little black.  Still haven't decided whether to do the walls in pink with taupe accents, or the walls in taupe with pink accents.  What do you think?  I will be posting "before and after" photographs as I go, but for now, here are some inspiration bedrooms that I found during my internet wanderings...stay tuned!
just love this look..the black wrought iron bed really pops!

another favorite look!

yummy bed linens


Monica said...

love that black wrought iron against the soft pinks.

I'm an earth-tone girl as well. and rustic.but my bedroom is predominantly white.not girly though, still boho, but certainly light and more feminine than the rest of my home.

i wanted it full of quiet and peace.

Barbara said...

Hi Monica - my bedroom currently has white walls, too, with burgundy velvet curtains and sari fabric...and I love it. But, like you, I want a softer, more peaceful bedroom lately. I'm looking forward to the least for a while. ;)

pvc doors northern ireland said...

I love everything in the shade of pink. I love your blog. :D

Barbara said...

Thank you, pvc!