Hatboxes & Such...Storing My Stuff

When you live in a small house with very little storage space - I have no attic or basement - you have to get creative about how to stash things.  Since we all have that stuff that we can't (or don't want to!) part with, I've been putting my things in pretty boxes.  I like them all - hatboxes, perfume boxes, fake "books"..whatever catches my eye.  They're also useful for hiding eyesores (the Paris Dress Boutique hatbox houses the remote controls, lotions, etc., on my nightstand), and easy to move around when need be.  What are some of your unique storage solutions?  I always need new ideas!
This is where my tea light candles and perfume bottles live...

...and when I tire of one side, I turn it around for a different look!

the bedroom TV remote and lotions are in here!

Some of my jewelry has found a home in this pretty box...
This one lives in my dining area and holds napkins and such...

These perfume boxes have yet to find their purpose in life, but they will - soon!


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