Jennifer Aniston's Beverly Hills home

I have a confession:  I'm a fan of Jennifer Aniston.  It's a little embarrassing, but there it is!  I've been curious about what her post-Brad abode would look like, so I finally did a search for some images today.

I'm impressed.  Originally built in the 1970s, her Beverly Hills house has an earthy, unpretentious (if a house worth $15 million can be unpretentious), Zen-like vibe that I love.  She basically gutted the house and designed it from scratch.  Trying to be eco-friendly, she even had solar panels installed and used fallen - not harvested - timber.  She said she wanted the house to feel "like a hug".  I like her even more now...what do you think?

Images courtesy of Architectural Digest.
So in love with the purple chairs!

Stunning rock wall

Beautiful grain/color of the wood paneling

My favorite room.


Would love to see which bottles are in oven to the left
A koi pond leading to the front entrance - fabulous.


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