First Night ~ Boston

While I plan to spend New Year's Eve at home tonight with The Fabulous Boyfriend, if you live in New England and you're feeling adventurous, check out Boston's First Night activities.  The city pulls out all the stops for New Year's Eve, with their infamous ice sculptures dotting the cityscape.
Whatever you're doing tonight, I hope it's magical!  Here's to a beautiful 2012!


Alina said...

I will be staying home as well. Hope your New Year rings in lots of love and peace. Hugs!

MoMeMa said...

Hi Barbara,
I'll be at my Mother's house with family and friends and not forgetting to wear a white undergarment and eating 12 grapes at midnight just for luck and fun! Happy New Year 2012 to you and yours. Until next time☺☺☺

Moncha said...

Beautiful pictures !!!!
Happy New Year !!! Peace, love, health and happiness for 2012 !!!!