Leather Cuffs ~ Lipstick Gypsy

I've been coveting these cuffs for quite some time.  Robin Krall ("Lipstick Gypsy") creates these by hammering old spoons and hand-stamping the letters.  You can purchase them as is, or she will customize with your own words.  My fave is the Vintage Gypsy.  Click here to visit her Etsy shop.
You like?



love these cuffs!

Linda said...

Wow !! these are beautiful...these cuffs are becoming more and more popular!! Really like the Vintage Gypsy ones..<3

Lipstick Gypsy said...

Dearest Barbara,THANK YOU so much for the exposure and compliments of LIPSTICK GYPSY CUFFS!!!Did I meet you at a show?? The CUFFS are certainly a staple in my GYPSY repertoire!My daughter found your post while she was randomly surfing the web!Again....THANK YOU for your sweet words!!!Visit anytime....lipstick-gypsy.blogspot.com