jewelry organizers

As a jewelry designer, I like to find creative ways to display and organize earrings and necklaces.  I just love these pretty displays from Tammnoony on Etsy.  She also makes jewelry boxes, clocks, and other cool stuff.


mangotangerine said...

Those are lovely! I have a collection of empty frames so I think I will make myself an earring holder. It would be much more useful than the jar I currently use.

MJ said...

I love those organizers!! I have one that I have been coveting on Etsy for some time, similar but not exactly the same. The one I am looking at were old drawers :).
And are those your jewelry designs? Lovely!

Monica said...

these are so popular right now, and i do like them. i especially like that it makes the jewelry be art.

Dentelline said...

Hi Barbara,
Tous ces bijoux sont beaux!
Belle présentation!
Merci pour cette belle découverte!
Have a good evening!

Shovro said...

Incredible creation by BARBARA. Those earring & necklaces are artistic, having diversity in your creation. I am following now your blog regularly and bookmarked.
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Barbara said...

Oops! Guess I need to clarify that these are not my jewelry designs, rather used for demonstration by the etsy shop owner. Sorry for the confusion!

MoMeMa said...

Hi Barbara,
this are lovely and very clever idea!
Thanks for sharing☺♥☺

Lovely Fever said...

These jewelry organizers are both chic and very functional. I wouldn't mind having one of these for me :) Thanks for posting this.