women game changers

Love to read books about inspirational women?  Legends would be a great choice.  Written by women writers, Legends talks about some of the most influential women in history, pulling from a wide spectrum - politicians, musicians, sports figures, writers, philanthropists, artists, etc.  Supplemented with wonderful portraits, Legends is one of those books you'll want to revisit often.


My Grama's Soul said...

Wasn't she amazing.....so demure....yet so UNFORGETTABLE.

BTW....you can come over a do laundry....anytime!!



Jennifer Marie said...

I've always admired Audrey and what she did for film. Before Audrey women were portrayed as the saint (perfect housewife) or Marilyn, the bombshell. Audrey came along as the more relatable women. I just love her. I may pick up this book. Thank you!

Linda said...

She was very inspirational....another book for my list... Thanks Barbara!! :)