purses & clutches ~ 1madwoman

Just love these gorgeous handmade purses from 1madwoman on Etsy.  I have a huge "Mary Poppins" bag that I carry around all winter (good to stash office shoes, hats & mittens), but I like to get something cute (and smaller!) for spring and summer. 
You like?


the wild magnolia said...

I like. The first and the last, best.

Unknown said...

Beautiful posts, great sense of style! Love your work and blog! Please stop by mine, maybe we could follow each other?
Fashionhypnotised girl

Anonymous said...

Very pretty Barbara. I can see myself carrying 3 and 5 I think. I like accessories with roses.

Anonymous said...

I love these bags!
They are so beautiful!
Merci Barbara!
Lovely blog!
Have a good evening!

Linda said...

I want the last one...LOL love it!!